Welcome to Lonestarphotos.com my photographic gallery. My name is Hattie Barham a freelance photographer based in the Texas Hill Country. You can say that I have been a photographer more years than I have not because at the age of fourteen I knew that I wanted to be either the next Chris Evert (a tennis star for you younger folks) or a professional photographer. Well I was no Chris Evert, so after 15 years working for newspapers in the Kansas City area, including serving as a Photo Editor at The Kansas City Star and Chief Photographer at The Johnson County Sun, my husband Bill and I decided to move back home to Texas.

We chose the hill country because of its beauty and way of life. The longer I live here the more it seems that we have made the right decision to move to the country. Not only is the Hill Country beautiful but the people here have made it a wonderful place to call home. There are days when I miss the fast pace of the newspaper business, but all I have to do is look out at those hills or hear the Sabinal River out my back door and I am reminded of what brought us here. I feel lucky to be able to “do my own thing” photographically after all of these years.

I specialize in the field of editorial and stock photography and my experience is extensive in both digital and film. Freelance work has included wire services such as The Associated Press, Agency France- Presse and United Press International. I hope you enjoy visiting Lonestarphotos.com and feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding my images, requesting assignments, or estimates on photo work.